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Giving Birth

What to expect from your hospital stay when having a baby in Bulgaria…

The birth takes place at a maternity ward in a hospital or clinic and is performed by an obstetrician.

The woman should prepare in advance the following things that she will need at the hospital:

  • Proof of identity
  • A form called a Направление на бременната до родилно заведение, which is issued by the mother's GP or gynaecologist
  • A medical file (обменна карта) containing the results of all medical examinations performed during pregnancy
  • Pair of slippers and a bath robe
  • A glass and cutlery
  • Toiletries
  • Nappies and baby wipes for the newborn

The mother and child remain at the hospital for three to four days if both are in good health and there have been no complications during the birth. In cases of caesarean section with no complications during the recovery period, the mother and the newborn are discharged from the hospital on the seventh day after the birth.

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